Paper Grade Development

Graphic Papers have a wide variety of applications and unique specifications and qualities to meet the needs for the end product. We offer unique solutions to help improve sheet quality parameters aiding your need to meet paper specifications in a more cost effective manner or helping to provide added value to the graphic papers produced.

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Grade Development Program Benefits:

  • Bulk and stiffness improvement
  • Dry strength improvement
  • Lint Control
  • Digital Printing enhancement
  • Crepe structure and softness improvement

Digital Paper Case Study

Background: Uncoated fine paper; 115 to 340 g/m2


  • 100% electro-ink adhesion  
  • <1mm ink peel on score test
  • new grade with HP certification developed

Application: DIAMOND printability technology

High Bulk paper case Study

Background: Coated fine paper; 125 to 300 g/m2


  • increased bulk by 5-8%
  • increased refining and improved strength

Application: OptiLux bulk and opacity technology

High Bulk Paper Case Study

Background: Book paper; 60 g/m2
increased bulk from 1.8 to 2.0 cm3/g
Application: OptiLux bulk and opacity technology
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