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Our HVAC Performance Services save our customers energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment. We are so excited about these results that we built this counter to track the savings. The goal of the program is to maintain HVAC systems at peak performance. Dirty coils and inefficient filters can reduce cooling capacity, causing cooling comfort or production climate control problems while wasting energy and increasing the waste stream of filter disposal.

Benefits Include:

System Recovery

  • We clean cooling and heating coils using an innovative cleaning process in order to recover the heat transfer capabilities of the coils. On average the cooling capacity of the system is improved by 50 percent (based on internal national energy data).
  • Our coil cleaning service is backed up by energy audits that document cooling capacity improvements, including energy savings and carbon footprint reduction due to improved heat transfer and increased airflow/lower pressure drop across the cooling/heating coils.
  • We offer a guarantee on turn-key coil cleaning spend. Required re-cleaning cycles of coils are determined by monitoring the pressure drop increase across the coils.

 System Improvement

  • Selection of the best filter solution based on operational conditions and customer preferences. Typically selection criteria are filter efficiency, fan energy consumption, air flow requirements and filter life cycles.
    Operational improvements are documented by HVAC audits.

 Filter Management

  • Filter replacement cycles are optimized and determined by monitoring filter efficiency and final pressure drop of filters. Turn-key filter installation is offered as an option.

 Performance Contracts

  • Guaranteed pressure drop reductions across the filters and cooling/heating coils compared to current HVAC operation conditions. A lower pressure drop results into fan energy savings (VAV/VSD-system) or more air (CAV-systems).
  • HVAC systems are maintained at peak performance (coil cleaning and air filtration) for a guaranteed price.

Energy & Air Savings

Why HVAC Air Management?

In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that delivering cost-effective clean air in facilities is becoming more challenging. Responsible managers are looking for opportunities to improve indoor air quality while reducing HVAC fan energy cost and filter spend. Why has this become such a hot issue? Because we live in a more complicated world concerned about global warming and skyrocketing energy costs. Nowhere is this problem more vital than in facilities and industrial...

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Need to improve HVAC performance or indoor environmental quality at your facility? Are you interested in learning more on how to maximize your air handler efficiency and reduce overall costs of operation? Our team of HVAC Performance Services experts is here to answer all inquiries.

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