Paper Machine Efficiency

Nalco offers comprehensive paper machine cleaning and conditioning programs that include chemical product line technologies, analytical capabilities, and automated equipment systems. When these parts are integrated by our on-site experts into our MOC (Machine, Operational and Chemical) approach, these programs can provide our customers with improved paper machine efficiency, a reduction in material costs, energy savings and paper quality increase.
Operational efficiency
  • Sheet holes and defects
  • Boilout frequency
  • Pressing efficiency
  • Wet web strength
  • Yankee operation


  • First grade production
  • Fewer rejects

Pressing Efficiency Case Study

Background: newsprint; gap former; 250,000 ton/year; variability in chip supply to TMP plant; pitch deposits in center roll
Application: NAL-TEX
reduced press draw from 2.4% to 1.2%
20 m/min increase in machine speed
13,000 ton/year increase in production
estimated annual savings: US$1,040,000


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