Orthopedic Surgical Drape for Knee Surgery

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Orthopedic disposables designed to enhance procedural speed, ease of use and efficiency for improved outcomes.
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(Orthopedic Drapes)

Fluid control is a high priority in maintaining risk reduction and patient and staff protection. PerfectPouch™ features an inflatable barrier rim for optimal fluid control and responds to surgeon movements, maintaining fluid management and infection control.

OrthoPrep™ Suction Device

The OrthoPrep suction device filter allows for ease of exchange combined with three extra tips for use in five different configurations. The extra filter eliminates the need to open multiple packages to clean a clogged filter and provides a space saving, cost effective alternative to purchasing additional components individually.

Stackhouse Face Shield System

The Face shield system offers the clinician a comfortable and convenient barrier against exposure to body fluids.

Stackhouse Cut-Resistant Glove Liners

The Stackhouse cut-resistant glove liners help provide increased protection from sharp instruments and bone fragments. They are designed with tactile sensitivity and comfort for long procedures. Sterile gloves are available in disposable and reusable construction
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