Paraffin Management

Challenges from paraffinic crude effect all aspects of the hydrocarbon value chain, from production loss to transportation. We prevent and remediate paraffin wax deposits through tailored products and project-specific field service to restore production capacity of your assets and enhance your bottom line. Our laboratory and field testing ensures the selection of an appropriate paraffin management program for your system, which we monitor to ensure effectiveness of your oilfield operation.

End-to-End Paraffin Prevention and Remediation

Nalco Champion provides end-to-end production management for paraffin prevention and remediation. Our products treat:

  • Downhole solutions via umbilical and capstring
  • Topside – pipelines, tanks
  • High wax/difficult-to-treat crude solutions
  • Cold flow/restart solutions
  • Cold weather pumpable solutions
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Shale, unconventional and gas lift applications
  • Water dispersible inhibitors/dispersants

Winterized Paraffin Inhibitor

Technical challenges associated with oil production, such as controlling paraffin deposition, are exacerbated in harsh climates. Nalco Champion’s winterized paraffin inhibition solutions are stable and pumpable in the toughest of environmental conditions ranging from -40°F to 140°F.

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