Pest Solutions for Food and Beverage

Maintain a pest-free environment with the Total Plant Assurance Program from Ecolab. We can help you attain strong audit scores and provide business insights to improve results throughout all of your facilities. Our proactive approach to pest elimination helps you meet the need for greater consistency and documentation in the face of increasing food safety risks.

Meeting Your Audit and Food Safety Needs

Ecolab's Total Plant Assurance Program consists of a proactive approach to pest elimination that helps food and beverage processors meet the need for greater consistency and documentation in the face of increasing food safety risks.

Our program incorporates innovative products and equipment with proven protocols to deliver a customized pest elimination program, including proactive methods such as structural repair, maintenance, and biological and mechanical control techniques. Our science-based solutions enable us to use increasingly more proactive approaches, with an emphasis on continual risk assessment and risk-based program optimization to better ensure your food safety.

We are well suited to meet your audit and regulatory requirements with our:

1. Audit-Ready Documentation

  • Deeply educated in 3rd party audit standards in an increasingly GFSI-based world
  • Customized barcoding and data capture technology provides proof of compliant pest programs

2. Actional Reporting to Increase Visibility 

  • Web-based activity reporting provides 24-hour visibility of pest issues
  • Trend analysis helps you make proactive program decisions
  • Monthly exception reports highlight at-risk facilities or repeated issues

3. Ongoing Communications That Keeps You Up-to-Date 

  • Action plan collaboration with your staff ensures timely corrections

Dr. John Barcay

Dr. John Barcay leads pesticide evaluation and development projects for Ecolab Pest Elimination, specializing in developing thorough and effective integrated pest management programs with minimal use of pesticides. Learn more about Dr. Barcay.

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