Pest Solutions for Foodservice

We understand the importance of preventing pests before they have the chance to threaten your customers' safety and damage your reputation. Pest problems will result in low sanitation grades from health inspections, and can quickly become a public relations nightmare if it becomes known that there is evidence of pests in your foodservice establishment. Partner with Ecolab for comprehensive programs to eliminate and prevent pests.

Don't Let Pests Ruin Your Reputation

Our comprehensive program is specifically designed to meet the needs of foodservice operations. We designed our program to go beyond just pest control - we provide protection that eliminates the common pests you face. Shown to be effective in full service, fast casual and quick service restaurants, we help protect the reputation of tens of thousands of restaurants across the globe.

Combined with our outside-in approach, we deliver consistent service, action-driven reporting, unmatched pest expertise and educational resources to help you prevent pests. With Ecolab as your pest elimination partner, you can be confident you'll be able to:

  • Enhance guest satisfaction by providing a clean, pest-free environment
  • Better manage your food and operational costs to maximize profitability
  • Pass inspections and avoid costly shutdowns

GuardianPlus Program for Full Service Restaurants

Our GuardianPlusSM program is designed for full-service restaurants to help you prevent pests before they have the chance to threaten your customers' safety and damage your reputation. GuardianPlus is a bundled program covering the most common pests you face in a full service restaurant: rodents, cockroaches, small flies and ants.



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Ecolab Pest Elimination serves the Hospitality, Foodservice, Food & Beverage, Food Retail, and Healthcare industries, as well as Government, Educational and other Commercial facilities.

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