As a leading partner of the petrochemical industry, Nalco Champion is uniquely qualified to identify, diagnose and treat process-related problems. Our approach is simple. We work with you on-site, broadly evaluating your systems—mechanical, operational and chemical—and how they work together. We then develop specialized, innovative and long-term solutions to help you achieve operational efficiency and HSE compliance.


  • PrimAct™ Ethylene Primary Fractionator Improvement
  • AQUAMAX™ Ethylene Dilution Steam System Reliability Improvement
  • Arsenal™ Ethylene Acid Gas Removal System Improvement
  • COMPTRENE™ Ethylene Process Gas Compressor Fouling Control
  • ACTRENE™ Ethylene Light Ends Recovery Reliability Improvement 
  • FORTIS™ Butadiene Extraction Unit Fouling Management
  • PRISM™ Styrene Polymer And Corrosion Control
  • ACRYL-EX™ Acrylics, Acrylates and Vinyl Acetate
  • EnterFast™ Turnaround and Cleaning Programs

Uptime downstream

We are committed to helping you achieve the highest possible profitability. No other company devotes as many technical resources to improving ethylene-plant operations, maintaining the integrity of your assets and ensuring potential process-related problems.

Holistic approach

At Nalco Champion, we don't treat problems in isolation. Instead, we look at the bigger picture, evaluating systems and challenges. We identify and integrate practical but well-engineered solutions that work in tandem with existing operations. Our holistic, customized plan encompasses all areas–mechanical, operational and chemical.

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