Phase Separation

Maximize production and reduce downtime with our multiphase separation solutions. We offer a wide range of proven emulsion breaker formulations that provide rapid, sharp separation of water in oil, delivering on-spec oil and good quality water. Our reverse emulsion breakers (or water clarifiers) capture more water for reuse and increase the amount of saleable oil produced, all while ensuring compliance with environmental obligations.


Global technology and local expertise

Because no two emulsions are alike, breaking emulsions can be a very complex undertaking. To ensure effectiveness, they must be selected and formulated on a case-by-case basis, usually in the field. Our field experts understand the intricacies of their local oil production. They will analyze your field system to create fit-for-purpose chemical solutions that meet the needs of your site. Formulated from proven components and applied based on expert analysis, our emulsion breakers provide a...

Breaking it down

Because no two emulsions are alike, emulsion breaking can be a complex task. Our emulsion breakers provide a wide range of proven formulations that are designed to target individual emulsions. From meeting crude oil sale specifications to enhancing the separation process, our products can help you tackle the toughest oilfield emulsion problems.

Let’s make this perfectly clear

In some cases, complying with environmental regulations requires you to supplement equipment with fit-for-purpose chemical treatment. Our water quality enhancement products address many of the oilfield water quality problems you face by giving you an economical way to comply with environmental obligations.
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