Phase Separation

We specialize in maximizing production and reducing downtime through multiphase separation, including the chemical separation of produced water and produced crude mixed together, with our full range of products, services and capabilities.


  • Emulsion Breakers – Provide a wide range of proven formulations for tough oilfield emulsion problems—from meeting crude oil sale specifications, to cleaning up produced water and enhancing the separation process
  • Flow Improvers
  • Foamers
  • Calcium Naphthenate Inhibitors – Prevent the accumulations of naphthenic acids in crude, which can cause severe problems during the separation of oil and water
  • Water Clarifiers – Solve many oilfield water quality problems for economical compliance with environmental obligations and regulations

Breaking it down

Because no two emulsions are alike, emulsion breaking can be a complex task. Our emulsion breakers provide a wide range of proven formulations that are designed to target individual emulsions. From meeting crude oil sale specifications to enhancing the separation process, our products can help you tackle the toughest oilfield emulsion problems.

Let’s make this perfectly clear

In some cases, complying with environmental regulations requires you to supplement equipment with fit-for-purpose chemical treatment. Our water quality enhancement products address many of the oilfield water quality problems you face by giving you an economical way to comply with environmental obligations.
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