Residual Oil Recovery

Advancements in chemical formulations and injection techniques have allowed optimization of chemical loadings and increased oil recovery. These advantages have led to a growing interest in A/SP flooding of more challenging fields with high salinities and/or high temperatures. In response, TIORCO has developed new products that perform under these extreme conditions.

A Holistic Approach to Residual Oil Recovery

The TIORCO approach to Chemical EOR and residual oil recovery is a holistic one. We look at the overall problem, consider technical and implementation support aspects and develop a solution that economically maximizes production while reducing risks in your field. We stress a collaborative approach to developing a successful solution by working closely with the operator asset team as well as field operators during the various stages of the project.

TIORCO's approach to developing an A/SP formulation begins with an analysis of the water, oil and geology. Key factors such as oil reactivity (acid number), water hardness and availability, and the presence of reactive minerals are considered in conjunction with the overall project economics to determine if an ASP or SP approach is warranted.


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