Scale Management

Where there is water in the oilfield, there is the potential for mineral scale deposition. Our scale inhibitor treatments range from squeeze treatment deep in the reservoir to deep water umbilicals and topside pipeline applications. Our total scale management programs offer a holistic approach covering predictive modeling, advanced design and application techniques, and production process monitoring – all coordinated by world leading subject matter experts.


Onshore and Offshore Scale Management Capabilities

  • Integrated total scale management (TSM) through the oil and gas field life cycle
  • Industry-leading inhibitor detection methods for multiple scale inhibitors single flowline samples using HPLC-CAD, LC-MS and RPLC-HRMS techniques
  • Focused environmental improvements of total scale management programs
  • Support and consultation for environmental compliance issues around scale management
  • Design of chemical and non-chemical treatment programs for the control and removal of sulfate, sulfide and carbonate mineral deposits

Specialty Chemicals for Scale Management

  • Scale inhibitors for a wide range of environments from high salinity, high temperature and high pressure to conventional applications downhole/topside (aqueous and oil soluble inhibitors)
  • Acid-compatible and fracture fluid-compatible scale inhibitors for combined stimulation and scale squeeze treatments
  • Scale management within hydrogen sulfide scavengers and other high-pH applications
  • Scale management within hydrate control chemicals such as Methanol, MEG, Anti Agglomerates and Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
  • High performance green sulfide/sulfate/carbonate dissolvers
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