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Ecolab's Surgical Helmet System products provide advanced protection to your surgical staff, help improve your patient's outcomes and ultimately reduce hospital acquired infections (HAIs) at your facility. Ecolab's FreedomAire 3 and Universal garments offer a flexible and affordable option to surgical teams looking for comfortable protection and performance when it matters most.
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The FreedomAire 3 Helmet System advances surgeon protection and comfort

  • Cooling air flow provides uninterrupted comfort
  • Lightweight helmet assures unrestricted movement
  • Rigid, wide view lens offers exceptional peripheral vision
  • Advanced garment material maintains the sterile barrier
  • 9-hour battery for extended fan performance

FreedomAire™ 3 Helmet System

Stackhouse has provided surgical teams with comfortable protection for decades. FreedomAire™ 3 advances in helmet and garment technology continue this long standing standard of excellence.


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