Environmental Hygiene In The OR (EnCompass and CleanOp Program)

Surgical Room Turnover

Ecolab's EnCompass™ Operating Room Environmental Hygiene Program with CleanOp™ room turnover products takes a focused approach to Operating Room turnover that provides healthcare facilities with a complete program that improves cleaning outcomes, conserves resources, improves safety and reduces waste.
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AORN Seal of Recognition

Help improve the O.R. environment by providing AORN Seal of Recognition training on best in class cleaning practices, standardized room turnover processes, objective monitoring and reporting, clinically tested single use microfiber cloths, mops and other tools and accurate chemical dispensing accuracy and delivery.

DAZO Fluorescent Marking System on mayo tray

Deliver Objective Cleaning Results

Measuring your staff's effectiveness is critical to delivery improved cleaning outcomes. With a focus on high touch object cleaning, our program uses the patented DAZO® fluorescent marking gel to objectively measure thoroughness of disinfection cleaning on critical surfaces.
Surgical Employee mopping an OR

Improve Efficiency and Cleaning Outcomes

Efficient Operating Room turnover is critical to the success of any hospital. Ecolab's EnCompass™ tools and processes with CleanOp® room turnover kits, featuring microfiber products, are designed to improve cleaning efficiency and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
Genesys Sustainable Technology

Genesys™ Sustainable Technology

The first line of surgical drapes and waste bags developed with technology that enhances their ability to break down in landfills over time.

Cleaning Chemistry and Correct Concentration

Cleaning Chemistry at the Right Concentration

Using the right cleaning chemistry at the right concentration is a critical component of killing infection-causing pathogens. Our program has the right solutions to kill the tough organisms while minimizing the number of solutions being used.

EnCompass OR provides AORN Seal of Recognition Training on best in class cleaning practices

EnCompass™ O.R. Training and Support

The EnCompass™ O.R. Program includes Ecolab Healthcare's sales and service expertise to support your ongoing infection prevention efforts. We work with you to select the right solutions and support you and your team with training and education.


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