TRASAR® Technology

3D TRASAR™ technology optimizes chemical treatment performance with automation and enhanced diagnosis. The system relies on the proven and familiar 3D TRASAR platform for data gathering and communications. Today's 3D TRASAR products surpass the impossible with features that permit internet connections from remote locations and allow real-time alarm notifications.

3D TRASAR Technology

Nalco’s TRASAR technology is the only program that provides real-time, on-line monitoring capability. It can save water and energy, and the improved system performance leads to better efficiency, reliability and productivity. And now Nalco has improved TRASAR by introducing 3D TRASAR Technology. 3D TRASAR Technology detects system variability, determines treatment changes, and delivers them to optimize a cooling or boiler system. 3D TRASAR delivers information in a format you find most useful: through text messages, via the Internet, at your Facility’s DCS or SCADA system or directly from the 3D TRASAR Controller.

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