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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s especially true when it comes to preventing equipment failure. With proven expertise in the field, our truck treating teams are ready to deliver customized solutions, whenever and wherever needed. In addition to responding to problems when they occur, we can also help you optimize performance. By conducting an audit of your current situation, we can develop strategies to help avoid equipment failure and lower your total cost of operations.


  • H2S Scavengers – Remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from process systems to improve safety, protect equipment and meet sales specifications
  • Scale Inhibitors – Prevent scale deposits in well tubulars and field flow lines to help maximize production volume and reduce downtime
  • Emulsion Breakers – Provide a wide range of proven formulations for tough oilfield emulsion problems—from meeting crude oil sale specifications, to cleaning up produced water and enhancing the separation process
  • Paraffin Inhibitors – Prevent crude oil precipitation of paraffin wax deposits in any production tubular or transportation pipeline
  • Biocides – Control bacteria populations in production, processing and transportation operations
  • Corrosion Inhibitors – Provide a wide range of specialized solutions to complex oilfield production problems
  • Friction Reducers – Optimizing production with a variety of innovative additives

Fewer trips mean lower costs

For rod-pumped gas wells, maintaining performance while minimizing corrosion-related operating costs is crucial. We developed the ENERSPERSE® batch treatment over 20 years ago to improve on conventional batch inhibitor treatments. ENERSPERSE offers a higher degree of film persistency, which translates into better corrosion control and fewer treatment trips to wells.

No two fields are alike

Conditions and challenges vary from one site to another–and so should your treatment program. Our field representatives have years of experience developing effective, customized programs specifically tailored to both current production and past performance.
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Clean N Cor: Success On Midwest Injection Wells
October 03, 2016

Clean N Cor: Success On Midwest Injection Wells

Clean N Cor® CORR11509A: Success On Midwest Injection Wells

Download Clean N Cor: Success On Midwest Injection Wells
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