Pulp & Paper Water & Energy Savings

Nalco brings a comprehensive focus to water-related problems in all areas of pulp and paper mills, even those that may have historically been considered "off limits" to water specialists. Having efficient total cost of operation management is a constant demand of the industry, and suppliers of water treatment services are in an excellent position to deliver savings far beyond the scope of just what chemicals do. Using an engineering approach - evaluating the mechanical, operational and, only...

Sustainable Improvements

Our program addresses your Pulp and Paper operation's key business drivers of uptime and reliability. Without the steam necessary to heat the chips in the digesters, evaporate the cooking liquors, dry sheets on paper machines and drive turbines to provide for the electrical needs of the entire paper mill, papermaking operations would come to a halt.

Water usage
  • Shower optimization
  • Additive dilution
  • System closure
  • Water treatment

Energy savings

  • Felt performance
  • Press dewatering
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Vacuum system efficiency

Water Treatment Case Study

Background: Waste water treatment BCTMP plant, Application: COD and TSS removal


  • COD removal >40% and TSS removal >85%
  • estimated annual savings: US$4,000,000 in chemical savings

Boiler Efficiency Case Study

Background: Boiler system, Program: 3D TRASAR


  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Asset protection
  • US$120,000 savings from shutdown avoidance


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