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Keeping Food Safe

The foods we eat today come from a global marketplace. And all foods – no matter where or how they are produced – need to be handled, prepared and stored properly to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms that can cause illness.

Foodborne illness is a growing public health problem – and we are committed to solving it. From preventing cross-contamination at animal production and food processing facilities to providing hand hygiene programs for restaurant employees, we help our customers provide consumers with safe food – and the confidence to eat and drink anything, anywhere. 

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WHY CLEAN MATTERS: Chef Perspective on Food Safety

See how Chef Russo and his team at Heartland Restaurant achieve cleanliness while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring food safety. To learn more, hear stories and view videos, visit

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Food Safety Audits 101: A Brief History and Preparation Essentials


Depending on the facility and the standard under which it is being audited, specific requirements and their implementation will vary. However, manufacturers who have strong programs in place should think of audits as opportunities to identify how to further improve operations rather than something to be feared.

Whatever the standard, Ecolab can help you prepare for an audit. Ecolab can provide public and on-site training and coaching to help ensure that your operation is running safely and efficiently and complying with appropriate standards. 

This article, published in Food Safety Magazine can help you prepare for your next Food Safety Audit.


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