Sanitation and Cleaning


Sanitation & Cleaning

Customers often judge your food based on the cleanliness of your establishment. If they see an eating area or an open kitchen that is visibly dirty, they are likely to be wary of the food they are being served

Cleaning refers to removing the visible dirt and food residues from dining tables, prep areas and food service equipment. This is a fairly easy task to explain to employees because it involves something they can see or feel.

Sanitizing is the process of removing or reducing the number of pathogenic microorganisms on a clean surface (i.e. prep area, equipment, etc.) to safe levels. This task is critical to help prevent the spread of disease-causing germs from surface to surface and food to food.

Each foodservice operation is different. Floor plans vary widely. Workstations may have specialized equipment. Cleaning procedures may also differ, but all foodservice establishments need a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation program.

1. Create a Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule
This involves evaluating what needs to be cleaned, who should clean, how often it should be cleaned, and how it should be cleaned.

2. Train, Train, and Train Some More
Employees must fully understand the risks involved if your restaurant is not cleaned regularly and properly. They must be given the training, time, resources and incentives to help ensure success.

3. Continually Measure the Program’s Effectiveness
If you cannot measure your cleaning program’s effectiveness, you are wasting your time implementing one. Make sure you have daily cleaning routines and that each task in done in a timely manner. Inspect equipment and perform spot inspections as needed.

4. Reward Employees for Cleaning
If you see cleaning being done correctly, be willing to reward immediately. The reward may be as simple as a pat on the back or the opportunity to take a longer lunch. No matter what, just be sure you properly recognize employees who keep things clean.

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