HVAC Performance Services


In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that delivering cost-effective clean air in facilities is becoming more challenging. Responsible managers are looking for opportunities to improve indoor air quality while reducing HVAC fan energy cost and filter spend.

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HVAC Performance Services

Our HVAC Performance Services save our customers energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment. The goal of the program is to maintain HVAC systems at peak performance. Dirty coils and inefficient filters can reduce cooling capacity, causing cooling comfort or production climate control problems while wasting energy and increasing the waste stream of filter disposal.

Nalco, an Ecolab Company, has developed its COIL-FLO™ Program for deep cleaning of condenser and air handler coils. This innovative and patented cleaning system features a low flow rate and the proper PSI for penetration of the coils without damaging the sensitive fins. Efficient operation of HVAC or refrigeration systems not only delivers clean, fresh air for those who occupy your building, but can substantially lower your operating costs and increase your production efficiency.

Facilities using Nalco technologies (COIL-FLO and high performance air filters) have demonstrated annual energy savings of up to $.20/square foot and more…while improving interior air quality by as much as 85%.

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