AdvaCare Disinfectant

Contaminated textiles are one of the critical risk factors in the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). AdvaCare Disinfectant is an EPA-registered disinfectant that kills 99.999% of common pathogens during the laundering process.

AdvaCare Builder

AdvaCare Builder is a phosphate-free builder that boosts detergent performance for whiter whites and brighter colors in wash temperatures as low as 120° for maximum energy savings. It effectively controls water hardness, inhibits scale formation, improves soil removal and suspension to effectively remove stains typically found in healthcare operations.

AdvaCare Detergent

AdvaCare Detergent is an ultra-concentrated detergent that lifts tough soils from cotton, polyester and polyester blends for whiter whites, brighter colors and bigger savings. Fast acting and safe for all types of colors and fabrics, it contains nonionic surfactants and high active enzymes that chemically break apart protein and other tough soils for easy soil removal at energy-saving temperatures as low as 120°F. 

Injection Sour

Providing clean, bright and disinfected linens is just part of what is required for laundries serving the Healthcare industry. Injection Sour is a finishing treatment that neutralizes any residual alkali to ensure linen will not irritate sensitive skin.

Clearly Soft

Clearly Soft Liquid Fabric Softener helps keep linens impeccably clean and gives towels, bedding, bathrobes and other fabrics luxurious softness and a fresh, clean springtime scent. Flexible dosing enables a customized level of softness and fragrance, and the phosphate-free formula helps to reduce environmental impact.

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