Large Fy Program


Large Fly Program

A Five Step Large Fly Program To Help Protect Your Business From The Outside-In Because Improving Food Safety And Your Customers’ Experience Matters

The Dirty Truth About Large Flies

Stay ahead of large fly problems in and around your facility and provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for your customers with Ecolab’s Large Fly Program. Our Expert Service Specialists provide a customized program featuring leading edge technology and ongoing service to help eliminate flies on the exterior and interior of your facility.


Inspection & Recommendation:
Service Specialists inspect for structural and sanitation issues that lead to large fly pressure on the exterior and interior of the facility and make recommendations on how to effectively change behavior to limit fly entry.

Exterior Treatments:
Service Specialists treat exterior surfaces where flies are likely to congregate and rest such as dumpster corrals and areas near entrances.

STEALTH® Fly Stations:
This dark, reflective device attracts and discreetly eliminates flies on the exterior of facilities and helps reduce flies entering facilities by up to 50%.

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Interior Treatments:
Service Specialists treat targeted interior resting sites not accessible to guests such as cords, corners/edges and upper areas of windows to eliminate flies in high activity areas.

STEALTH® Fusion & Maxima Fly Lights:
The first of its kind in fly removal technology, the STEALTH® Fusion and Maxima Fly Lights attract and eliminate flies shortly after they enter your facility.

stealthfusionlight230x137  maximaflylight 
 STEALTH® Fusion Fly Light
 STEALTH® Maxima Fly Light

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