Pool and Spa Solutions


We can deliver a clear, balanced water program for pools and spas at the lowest total operating cost.

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    Cal Hypo System

    Delight guests with sparkling water clarity and respond to unpredictable and variable bather load. Automated dispensers control chlorine feed through erosion feeders — helping to maintain a stable, well-balanced pool chemistry.  Uses chlorine in solid tablet form.

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    Pure Comfort Mineral System

    Generating chlorine from a gentle saline solution, our Pure Comfort Mineral System creates a silky soft water. Guests avoid excessive dry skin, strong chlorine odors or eye irritation. And there’s no need for bulk storage of sanitizer on-site — or mixing chemicals.

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    Remote Monitoring Equipment

    Automated dispensing system helps manage water quality, and computerized controllers proactively alert you when problems arise. Get advance troubleshooting with CPO-certified, highly experienced remote support specialists.