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Sustainability is core to our purpose at Ecolab. More than just our vision for the future, we deliver results today that make the world cleaner safer and healthier.  As the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, we help our customers meet their sustainability goals at more than one million locations around the world.

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Our more than 23,000 field representatives in more than 170 countries bring a holistic perspective to our customers’ water challenges by evaluating water use across multiple applications and industries. 

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We are uniquely positioned to help our customers improve water efficiency and advance water stewardship around the world.

10pxspacer  reduced water withdrawal, 290 million gallons of water per year, enough water for the daily use of 725,000 US households 


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Diminishing access to clean water supplies is one of the most serious risks facing the world today. We’re proud to deliver solutions that improve water efficiency and quality, for the benefit of customers and communities worldwide.

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 Our products wash more than 75 million hands every day 

We offer more than food safety solutions. We share our global knowledge and scientific expertise by partnering with diverse stakeholders to advance food protection globally.

10pxspacer  Our Total Impact Approach means that we take a broad view of the impact of our products and services. We consider how every solution increases efficiency, minimizes use of natural resources and improves safety.  

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Foodborne illness threatens the health of more than two billion people around the world every year. Ecolab promotes safe food by delivering solutions that help our customers provide consumers with safe food — and the confidence to eat and drink anything, everywhere.

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 AbundantEnergy_graphic1 10pxspacer  Whether the need is to maximize energy
or minimize energy use, Ecolab provides sustainable solutions that address both supply and demand, while meeting our oil and gas customers’ performance goals of asset integrity, flow assurance and more. 

CDG Technology oil recovery increases 300% and water reduced by 10%
10pxspacer  Ecolab has saved 90,000 gallons of polymer makedown water, 29.4 million BTUs of energy and 4,847 tons of fiber 

On-site service and industry knowledge is key to helping customers save energy across the diverse industries we serve.
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  The demand for energy worldwide is growing at an aggressive pace. Increasingly, companies must harness more energy while using fewer resources. At Ecolab, we’re personally inspired to deliver solutions to this challenge. 

HealthyEnvironments_graphic1  10pxspacer  Clean and sanitary surfaces are vital to people’s health and important to the success of our customers’ businesses.  

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10pxspacer  Ecolab has saved 40.1 billion gallons of water, 2.67 million Therms of energy, 13,300 metric tons of CO2 and 1.87 million pounds of waste 

From hand hygiene and housekeeping programs, to indoor air quality and pest elimination strategies, we help enhance the experience of our customers’ customer, all while reducing environmental impacts and improving health and safety, as measured by our eROI value approach.
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  Germs and disease threaten every environment around the world. Ecolab delivers solutions that prevent infection and protect the places where we eat, sleep, work, play and heal. 

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