Sustainability is core to our purpose. We are working at more than one million customer locations, helping companies rethink operations and business strategies to reduce use of natural resources and ensure long-term viability. This approach is ingrained throughout our company. From how we operate and develop products to the way we work with customers and support our communities, we are working to deliver a “sustainable” future for everyone.

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Submit your comments and suggestions via the form, and our Corporate Sustainability Team, based in St. Paul, will assist. 

Building Sustainable Impact

Global demographic trends—population growth, a growing middle class and urbanization—are placing unprecedented pressure on water and energy.

Increased demand for goods and services presents significant opportunities for businesses across industries. Meeting that demand, while ensuring the long-term vitality of businesses, communities and the environment, creates challenges.

Our customers can count on us to tackle these complex problems, ensuring their reputation is protected as their business grows. All around the world, we strive to deliver the best results at the lowest total cost, while reducing waste and energy and water use. Through unparalleled service, industry-leading innovation and real-time information. We are helping our customers do more with less.

Chairman's Message

A message from Ecolab Chairman and CEO Doug Baker.

Customer Impact

Helping customers do more, with less.

Company Commitment

Operating with respect for people and the environment.

Corporate Responsibility

Contributing to more vibrant and sustainable communities.

Water Stewardship

Promoting responsible use of fresh water.

Global Engagement

Extending our leadership through partnerships and commitments.