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Goals and Performance

We set goals and hold ourselves accountable for continuous operational improvements.

Environmental Performance

Sustainability is core to our purpose at Ecolab. Stewardship of natural resources is an integral part of our operational and business strategy, from the way we run our plants to the products we develop and the way we serve our customers.

Ecolab's Five-Year Global Reduction Goals

In 2014, we reaffirmed and strengthened our commitment to environmental stewardship. We have a history of strong environmental performance and have made significant strides in recent years to reduce our environmental impact.

We are holding our company to a higher standard with aggressive new global sustainability targets, including a 25 percent reduction in effluent discharge and waste, a 20 percent reduction in water use and a 10 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2017 from a 2012 baseline.

We made incremental progress against our global sustainability targets in 2014. Our strengthened focus on continued integration of systems and processes across our global footprint resulted in actionable strategies to achieve the new goals. With a global team deployed to improve operational efficiency and performance, we expect to make significant strides toward our sustainability goals in 2015.

Our Environmental Performance

2014 Environmental Performance (change from 2012 baseline):

  • Reduced total water use by 6.9%
  • Reduced GHG emissions by 7.0%
  • Reduced waste disposal by 6.7%
  • Reduced effluent discharge by 2.7%

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Through our Create and Maintain Value program, we employ our expertise and technology to continually find more ways to deliver strong business results while saving water, energy and wastewater and prolonging equipment life throughout our facilities. We do this with an eye for how our impact extends beyond our operations to local people and communities. In 2014, we completed 77 process improvement projects that delivered resource reduction outcomes across our global footprint.

  • Our Burlington, Ontario, Canada facility updated its steam condensate piping in its warehouse to reduce boiler system condensate water overflow, reducing natural gas use by 26,000 therms and saving 790,000 gallons (2,990,475 liters) of water.
  • Our Celra, Spain plant improved its steam generation processes, reducing natural gas use by 8,000 therms and saving 800,000 gallons (3,028,329 liters) of water.
  • Our Clearing, Illinois plant improved its steam systems and cooling tower performance, reducing natural gas use by 63,000 therms and saving more than 17 million gallons (64 million liters) of water.
  • Our Joliet, Illinois plant improved insulation of its process heating piping and implemented a new boiler economizer, reducing natural gas use by 155,000 therms.
  • Our Nieuwegein, Netherlands plant streamlined its steam pipes system, reducing natural gas use by 6,000 therms.
  • Our Schuman Campus in Eagan, Minnesota, the largest energy-consuming non-manufacturing facility in our global operations portfolio, received recertification of its LEED GOLD status through September 2019.

In December 2015, Ecolab will launch a chemical waste management program that covers global facilities where waste is generated. All waste disposal, nonhazardous and hazardous, must adhere to this policy. All Ecolab sites should select waste vendors that meet given criteria. Criteria include, but are not limited to, ethical, environmentally conscious and economical disposal techniques. Each waste vendor or disposal site must be approved.

Additional Sources
For more information on the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED certification, visit
For more information about ENERGY STAR, visit
Additional information about our environmental performance is available in the 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report GRI Index.

Water Stewardship Position

This position formalizes our global commitment to undertake responsible water stewardship by identifying opportunities for our company and our customers to use water resources in a manner that benefits business, communities and nature.



More Environmental Performance Data
November 14, 2014

More Environmental Performance Data

Climate Change Position
October 01, 2013

Climate Change Position

This position formalizes our global commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying...

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