Product Responsibility

We develop products and solutions to solve customer problems, protect the environment and promote human health.

Effective Products, Total Solutions

We sell products and services that are safe for customer use and protect the health and safety of their customers, employees and the environment. Using responsible ingredients, we develop products and solutions to solve customer problems, protect the environment and promote human health, all without compromising performance. All Ecolab products are developed with careful consideration for the impact our system will have on human health, water, air, energy and waste streams.

Our approach to product responsibility considers the full impact of our offerings, from creation to use to disposal.  We follow a rigorous process for new products that includes review of product impacts based on product performance, safety, environmental impact and cost to ensure our products help solve customer challenge safely and sustainably. 

In 2013, we introduced a broader Customer Impact Product Profile process that considers life cycle impacts of the product and system as used in the customer setting.  Through implementation of this profile, we are furthering our commitment to assessing and communicating important safety, health and environmental information about our products.

Our products comply with global regulations and we lend our expertise to help shape global standards. Ecolab works with key industry groups to define and implement product responsibility best practices including:


We provide subject matter expertise to both government and non-government organizations in the development of product-level eco-certification standards. Where it meets our customers' needs, we obtain eco-certifications for our products. Currently, more than 200 Ecolab products are recognized by reputable eco-certification bodies.


Globally Harmonized Systems

We help customers meet new GHS/CLP standards.



Our products are in full compliance with REACH, the European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals regulation.

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