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Q. Pigeons continually roost on a ledge above the main door of my food plant, so the entryway is always covered with droppings. But some of my employees are protesting any control methods. How can I communicate the importance of control to them?

A: It is critical to take proactive steps in deterring birds from roosting and nesting around food and beverage processing facilities as bird droppings are known to carry a variety of foodborne pathogens including Salmonella. Birds can also contaminate areas with their feathers and nesting materials.

Therefore, it is important to educate your employees about the importance of food safety and protecting the company's brand by excluding birds such as pigeons from their facility. Inform them that premiere pest control companies have effective solutions and humane bird exclusion techniques that can be implemented to deter the pigeons from roosting, loafing and nesting on and around their property. The good news is that this does not harm the birds, it just forces them to find another location to roost or build their nests.

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John Barcay

John Barcay

John Barcay, PhD, Senior Scientist, Pest Elimination

Dr. John Barcay leads pesticide evaluation and development projects for Pest Elimination, specializing in developing thorough and effective integrated pest management programs with minimal use of pesticides.

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