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Cooling Water & HVAC Energy Management Seminar

PRESENTER: Nalco Water


Nalco Water | Naperville, IL

Learn from industry experts how you how water treatment can deliver energy savings, water conservation, improved cooling system performance, higher performance, operational cost reductions and reduced risk of waterborne pathogens.

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Cooling Water Chemistry Basics: We’ll begin with the fundamentals of mineral scale, corrosion and microbiological activity, discussing their impact on cooling water systems. Traditional methods of chemical feed, program monitoring and control will be reviewed.

An introduction to Legionella and Risk Reduction Best Practices:

  • An overview of Legionella, ASHRAE Standard 188 and events shaping the way we treat cooling systems
  • An overview of cooling tower best practices to manage water borne pathogens

Learn Best Practice Methods for Identifying ROI: Step by step guide to auditing your cooling system using the Mechanical, Operational and Chemical (MOC) approach, led by industry experts. You will leave with the tools necessary to identify, justify and show returns on improving operations.

Water Testing for Beginners and Experts: Use our hands-on laboratory setting to learn not only how to test your cooling system water but why it is important to do so. We will provide troubleshooting examples with real life applications to show why testing and maintaining the water treatment program to the proper set-points is important.


Nalco Water
1601 W. Diehl Rd.
Water University Auditorium
Naperville, Illinois 60563

FPO 550x310
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