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May 2019 Reverse Osmosis Conference


LOCATION: Nalco Water Campus | Naperville, IL

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) market for water treatment applications is healthy and growing rapidly at an estimated annual rate of 10.5%. Degraded fresh water resources, water scarcity, capital cost reduction and the ongoing need for purer process and utility water streams all contribute to the current market trends. As these installations become more common in the marketplace, there is an ever growing need to understand how they work and how best to design and service them. This seminar will provide detailed information about RO including the basics of design and data collection, as well as detailed membrane cleaning and troubleshooting techniques for advanced RO operations.

FPO 550x310


Who Should Attend?
Whether you are in the planning stage of implementing an RO system or you already have an installation and are looking for fine tuning and troubleshooting techniques, this course is for you. Typical attendees are Utility Superintendents, Process Supervisors, Power Plant Chief Engineers, Plant Engineers, Process Engineers, Technical Auditors, Water Treatment Specialists, and Environmental Engineers.

This two-day course is worth 15 Professional Development Hours / 1 Continuing Education Unit.

RO Basics
The basics of how RO functions are examined in detail during the first day of the seminar. Included in this discussion are definitions, design guidelines, data collection and normalization, issues for RO membranes such as fouling and scaling, and pretreatment typically used with RO systems to minimize operational issues.

Cleaning and Troubleshooting
These topics are covered in detail the second morning of the seminar. Cleaning techniques are provided and troubleshooting methods are described.

Case Studies
Several RO situations are discussed in small breakout groups. Topics include identification of specific fouling or scaling issues, alternative disinfection techniques and its effect on RO membranes and data trending.

Factory Tour
A tour of the Glenwood manufacturing and resin regeneration facility will close out the seminar. The tour includes demonstrations such as the probing and profiling troubleshooting technique. Attendees are required to wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes and long pants for safety reasons for the tour.

Why Should I Attend?

➤ An in-depth study of each subject covered
➤ Networking opportunities with Nalco Water technical experts
➤ Networking opportunities with peers
➤ Deeper understanding of Nalco Water technical support
➤ Deeper understanding of Nalco Water analytical capabilities
➤ Notebook with the seminar materials
➤ Reverse Osmosis: Design Processes & Applications for Engineers 2nd Ed. by Jane Kucera


Nalco Water Campus
1601 W. Diehl Rd.
Naperville, IL 60563