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Steam Boiler & Closed-Loop Training

LOCATION: Ecolab/Nalco Water Office | Las Vegas, NV

Attendees will learn to identify, troubleshoot and prevent common steam boiler and closed-loop problems utilized for HVAC use in the hospitality, hospitals, and other large facilities.

FPO 550x310


The agenda will focus on pre-treatment, boiler and closed-loop treatment. We’ll also cover caring for cooling towers in off-season to eliminate scale and minimize corrosion.

Attendees will be taught a MOC (mechanical, operation, chemical) problem-solving technique for each type of system.

The training session includes training materials and a certificate for four Professional Development Hours that can be applied toward certifications. Refreshments will be served.


Ecolab / Nalco Water
6630 W. Arby Ave., Ste. 107
Las Vegas, NV 89118