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Compressed air demands are constantly changing.  Production, capacity, temperature humidity and time of day can all impact usage and effectiveness.  Learn how you can transform your compressed air management, using digital tools and insights to achieve optimal energy efficiency.  

Key topics include:

  • The impact compressed air usage has on a plant’s energy bill
  • Reducing the risk of downtime through compressed-air pressure stabilization and predictive maintenance alerts
  • How to impact your carbon sustainability goals 
  • How Ecoplant 360 advances the management of compressed air control systems
  • A demonstration of the offering dashboard and the available information
  • Examples of results from multiple customers in different industries

Meet the Presenters

Jacob Madden, Senior Marketing Manager – Nalco Water Light Industries, Ecolab, Inc.

Greg Good
, Technical Account Manager - Ecoplant

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Ecoplant 360

Ecoplant 360 is a continuously running, cloud-based platform that integrates with your compressed air system and is designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce unplanned factory downtime.