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Ecosure food safety monitor
January 2019

The EcoSure Food Safety Monitor is a free monthly newsletter written by EcoSure Food Safety & Public Health experts. EcoSure is a division of Ecolab.

Food Code Changes and Updates*

Canada, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Illinois, North Dakota, Alaska, Connecticut and the City of Chicago made updates to their Food Codes in 2018 and into 2019.  Food safety systems and processes could be directly affected by the regulation changes.

*Please Note, this is not a conclusive list of updates. As always, check with your local jurisdiction for required food safety systems and processes.

2018 US Health Inspections

Top Health Department Violations

These were the top 10 violations on health inspections in 2018. Maintaining a clean restaurant is crucial to the prevention of pests such as fruit flies and rodents. 

Is it time to calibrate your thermometer?
If you use a dial thermometer, you should be checking it daily. The sensor inside actually expands and contracts in order to move the needle. Repeated expansion and contraction can cause metals to lose their elasticity over time. Thermometers also need to be re-calibrated if they are dropped on a counter or thrown in a drawer.

An easy way to check your thermometer is with a properly prepared ice bath. It's an easily repeatable test.

Ask The Expert January 2019
We are looking at new menus and need more information on a consumer advisory. What is it? Why do we need it? And how is it written?

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