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EcoSure Food Safety Monitor
June 2016

The EcoSure Food Safety Monitor is a free monthly newsletter written by EcoSure Food Safety & Public Health experts. EcoSure is a division of Ecolab.
Food Safety Monitor Newsletter

June 2016 Food Safety Monitor newsletter

FDA postpones menu labeling enforcement

The U.S. Food and Drug  Administration has officially delayed the enforcement of new menu labeling  rules. Dr. Susan Mayne, director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and  Applied Nutrition, said the agency would delay enforcement until one year  after it issues its final guidance on the rules. It is uncertain when this guidance  will be issued, though an agency spokeswoman said that it’s expected to be  published sometime this year.


State-by-state Food Code update

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contracted with The Association  of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) to gather data on the progress of FDA Food  Code adoptions by States, Territories, and Indian Health Service. Adoption of  the Food Code represents a successful federal/state/local partnership in  improving food safety. As of February 2016, all states have code based on the FDA Food Code but currently only seven have adopted the 2013 Food Code and 23  have adopted the 2009 Food Code. Currently five states are still operating  with code from before 2000. While this is constantly evolving, it gives a  good starting point when looking for this information.


Norovirus: What can I do?

Recently Norovirus outbreaks have been in  the news, both related to cruise ships and restaurant chains. There has been  a lot of discussion in professional circles around the topic with people wondering how to prevent an outbreak from happening to them.


New York City council update

Salt-labeling rule follow up

On  March 1, NYC was to begin enforcing a rule regarding labeling high sodium  foods. The Appellate Division of New York's Supreme Court granted the NRA's  request to delay implementation of a salt-labeling regulation. The NRA filed  a lawsuit challenging the rule, which requires chains with 15 or more U.S.  locations to label dishes with 2,300 milligrams of sodium or more, and the  court is expected to rule later this month.

Proposal to put warning on sugar and carbs too!

A bill was proposed  in the NYC city council to require all city restaurants to put up posters  warning of the role excessive sugar and carbohydrates can play in diabetes  and pre-diabetes. Supporters say the information could help public health,  while opponents see it as another overreach. NRA opposed this and according  to NRA spokeswoman Christin Fernandez, "The City has taken it upon  itself to endlessly target the restaurant and foodservice industry with  mandates that offer no solution to underlying health problems."

Ask the Expert: Multi-lingual training

Question: I believe you answered this before, but what was the resource you mentioned for multi-lingual training for food safety?

Answer: The FDA Oral Culture Learner Project provides educational materials for retail food employees designed to enhance food safety training efforts by helping food employees understand the important role they play in protecting public health. The posters are available at no charge in nine different languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.