Food code update: Michigan allergen awareness training requirement goes into effect January  17, 2017


Nov 28, 2016 | EcoSure Food Safety Monitor

By Miriam Eisenberg, MS, RD, CP-FS

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The State of Michigan is requiring allergen training for all Certified Food Managers (see exemptions below) to be completed by January 17, 2017. Food safety certified managers at food service establishments (e.g., restaurant, school or hospital inspected by a Michigan local health department) shall do both of the following:

  • Complete allergen training - By January 14, 2017 each food service establishment shall have at least one certified manager who has also completed additional allergen training approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). An allergen training program certificate of completion is recognized to be valid for five years from date of issuance.
  • Post an allergen poster in the establishment staff area - By January 14, 2017 each food service establishment shall display in the staff area a poster developed and approved by MDARD relative to food allergy awareness that includes, but is not limited to, information regarding the risk of an allergic reaction, or post the information from the poster in a different, readable notice in the staff area.

Who is exempt from the allergen requirement?

  • Any food establishment that is inspected directly by Michigan Department of Agriculture as opposed to local health departments.
  • Local health department inspected food service establishments that are not required to have a certified manager, such as temporary and low-risk establishments.
  • A certified food safety manager at a food service establishment with more than 20 locations in Michigan.
    An approved course must be completed by at least one Certified Manager per location for those not exempted and the certification of completion must be kept on-site for the local health food safety inspector, upon request. The certificates from approved courses are valid for five years. See the list of approved courses.

The allergen posters are provided at no cost by your local health department or you can download and print the poster. The hard copy poster provided by your local health department is recommended as it is larger, more durable and in color—making it more effective for your employees to learn and use the information. 

  • Per Food Code, certified managers must also assure that employees are properly trained in allergen control, as it relates to their duties.
  • For more information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document or visit the Michigan Restaurant Association webpage on allergens training.