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SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference

Cox Business Center | Tulsa, Oklahoma


Nalco Champion Booth 102/104/201/203

SPE Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) 2018 focuses on enhancing future IOR through Acceptance, Perseverance and Disruption. Hosted by the Mid-Continent section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the conference is one of the world's largest among IOR/EOR experts.


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booth #102/104/201/203


Designed specifically for harsh enhanced oil recovery mobility control applications, Excelceor technology provides more oil, faster, with less polymer compared to traditional polymer floods.


production enhancement solutions

Our production enhancement (PE) technology is designed to increase oil rate and improve recovery in unconventional, tight, mixed wet to oil-wet reservoirs. Our patent-pending technology alters rock wettability to economically boost oil production rates and increase reserves.



Baharak Barzegar Alamdari, Nalco Champion

April 16 | 10:30 a.m. | Conference Hall A

Baharak joined Nalco Champion's Research, Development and Engineering team in 2012 after completing her Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Currently, she is a senior technical sales lead focused on developing data analytics practices to better understand reservoir performance.

successful field trial of a novel reservoir-triggered polymer: results, interpretation and simulation

Bilal Rashid, BP

April 16 | 1:30 p.m. | Conference Hall C

We partnered with BP to develop Excelceor™, a shear resistant, high injectivity polymer designed for the harshest EOR mobility applications. See the joint presentation to hear more.
boosting oil recovery in unconventional resources utilizing wettability altering agents: Successful translation from laboratory to field

Mahdi Kazempour, Nalco Champion

April 17 | 9:00 a.m. | Conference Hall C

Mahdi is a staff reservoir engineer responsible for pre-and-post treatment data analysis, design and simulation tasks for Nalco Champion's chemical enhanced oil recovery offerings. He has been with the company for 5.5 years and holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering.