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ultrafab meets zero
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An extensive drilling program was underway in northwestern Canada and considerable gas production was expected. A multi-phase amine facility was being built to ultimately process gas. There is a relatively large acid gas stream from the gas flowing into the amine facility. Each phase of construction, of which four or more were anticipated, included two amine facilities. To treat the acid gas stream, each amine train was designed to be directly followed by a four-train acid gas sweetening unit (AGSU) with each AGSU capable of treating approximately 6 MMscf/D of acid gas with an H2S concentration ranging between 1,300 and 4,000 ppm. 

Each UltraFab AGSU train consumed approx. 1,840 gal/D (7000 L/d) of chemical, equating to a treating cost of $0.08/Mscf.


The tight outlet restriction for H2S concentration was a key factor in selecting the UltraFab Sweet 100 H2S Removal System as the AGSU. The UltraFab Sweet 100 system uses a patented process that effectively and continuously yields an outlet H2S concentration of 0 ppm H2S. Each UltraFab AGSU train consisted of four UltraFab Sweet 100 systems and can treat all gas from a single amine facility. Ultimately, eight UltraFab AGSU trains – 32 UltraFab Sweet 100 systems – were anticipated. Because the facility is in a region that experiences extreme weather during the winter months, each set of UltraFab AGSU trains was enclosed in a heated building onsite.


Each UltraFab AGSU train continuously removed all H2S from 24 MMscf/D (670 e3m3) of acid gas containing 2,700 ppm H2S concentration – approximately 2,500 lb (1,134 kg) of H2S removed from the acid gas produced daily by each amine facility. Each UltraFab AGSU train consumed approximately 1,840 gal/D (7000 L/d) of chemical, equating to a treatment cost of $0.08/Mscf.  

The UltraFab Sweet 100 process removes 100% of H2S from gas streams and effectively handles considerable fluctuations in operating parameters.
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