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An UltraFab customer operating in the Eagle Ford shale play in South Texas was measuring higher than expected chemical usage through their UltraFab Flooded H2S Removal System. UltraFab service personnel were called to assess the situation and service the H2S removal equipment. Some of the field operators were not familiar with the automated treatment features of the installed UltraFab Flooded H2S Removal System and had bypassed the data analyzer in favor of manual operation. Operating the pumps manually results in erratic chemistry usage, inefficient system performance and higher than necessary chemical cost.

Enabling the UltraFab system prevents contactor fouling and ensures on-spec production and downstream asset protection. 


Proper training, routine system checks, and regularly scheduled preventive maintenance services all contribute to efficient H2S removal, optimized scavenger usage and reduced total cost of H2S removal. A properly maintained H2S removal system contributes to downstream asset protection and reliable on-spec production passing through the sales meter.

UltraFab service personnel coordinated and conducted mechanical services on the UltraFab Flooded H2S Removal System. The maintenance work included:

• Warm water flushing of the contact tower

• Inspecting and replacing parts on the analyzer

• Servicing the chemical injection pumps

• Optimizing the injection pumps and analyzer set points

• Reviewing UltraFab system functions with field operations personnel


Prior to servicing the UltraFab Flooded H2S Removal System daily chemical usage averaged 182 gal/D. Chemical usage after completing the service work averaged 118 gal/D – a 35% reduction. No less important was the significance of enabling the UltraFab system to automatically regulate chemical usage rather than relying on human intervention. Doing so prevents contactor fouling and ensures on-spec production and downstream asset protection.

The UltraFab Sweet 100 process removes 100% of H2S from gas streams and effectively handles considerable fluctuations in operating parameters.

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