Res-Kem, LLC

Based in the Philadelphia region, Nalco-owned Res-Kem LLC serves the Eastern Region. For over 30 years, Res-Kem has provided the systems, services and parts required to keep your water treatment equipment operating at peak efficiency, producing water meeting your exacting requirements. We draw upon our extensive expertise to specify, design, fabricate, install and/or service a full line water treatment equipment for most industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.  

Water Pretreatment Equipment

From the simplest filtration application, to complete ultrapure water treatment systems for semiconductor manufacture, Res-Kem can provide and service water equipment including media filters, cartridge filters, softeners, condensate polishers, side-stream filters, dealkalizers, ultrapure water equipment, demineralizers, deionizers, RO, UV, and CEDI systems

Resin Regeneration & DI Exchange Services

From our two resin regeneration facilities in PA and CT and two regional service centers in VA and MA we provide exchange deionized water service for the Eastern region.

ECOLAB Conveying System

Pumping system for process chemicals in 25 VA ambiance