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September 2018 International Customer Seminar

Nalco Water Naperville, Illinois Campus

At this conference, Nalco Waters experts will cover strategies to optimize the utility systems in your plants.

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About the Conference

By 2030, it is estimated that up to 40% of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed environments. Increasing challenges will be faced to mitigate the risk of water to our businesses. At this conference, Nalco Waters experts will cover strategies to optimize the utility systems in your plants. We will explore opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle water within utility systems and discuss optimization of the various plant utility components that water touches in order to increase operational efficiency, reduce total cost of operation, protect and extend asset life and meet environmental regulations upon discharge.

You will also gain an understanding of our current research and development initiatives, and get a deeper look at how Nalco Water remains the innovation leader in integrated water treatment and process improvement solutions. This technical program takes a deep dive into water treatment application that our customers can take back to their plants for implementation. We value feedback we receive from conference attendees:

“Nalco Water did a wonderful job with this seminar. I left with a stronger knowledge base as regards water and a better understanding of what Nalco Water offers as far as services and experts.”

Who Should Attend?

Utility Superintendents, Process Supervisors, Power Plant Chief Engineers, Plant Engineers, Process Engineers, Technical Auditors, individuals with water responsibilities

This week long course is worth 32 Professional Development Hours / 3 Continuing Education Units.


Water Scarcity and Risk
Risks around water shortage, Water Risk Monetizer, Cost of Water, Water Reduction Reuse and Recycle

Raw and Wastewater Systems
Filtration, Clarification and Wastewater Treatment

Cooling System
Cooling Water Scale/Corrosion/Fouling, Microbiological Best Practices, Cooling System Dynamics,
Heat Exchanger Performance, Closed Systems, Cooling System Failure Analysis

Steam Systems
Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, Oxygen Control, Condensate Systems, Boiler Water Chemistry,
Boiler System Operation, Best Practices for High Pressure Boilers, Steam System Failure Analysis

➤ An in-depth study of each subject covered
➤ Networking opportunities with Nalco Water technical experts
➤ Networking opportunities with peers from around the world
➤ Deeper understanding of Nalco Water technical support
➤ Deeper understanding of Nalco Water analytical capabilities


The September 2018 International Customer Seminar will be held at:

Nalco Water Naperville Campus
1601 West Diehl Road
Naperville, IL, 60563

Ground transportation to and from the Hilton Lisle Hotel and Nalco Water: 
Nalco Water will provide group transportation for scheduled networking events and between the Hilton Lisle Hotel and the Nalco Water campus each day; this will eliminate your need for renting a car. A daily schedule will be developed and communicated to you upon arrival.