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International Water Conference 2018

Booth Number: 504-506

LOCATION: Talking Stick Resort Scottsdale, AZ

The IWC presents the latest in scientific advances and practical applications in this field, cutting across a wide range of industries, technologies and functional areas. As the preeminent international technical forum in the field, the IWC brings together end users, researchers, practicing engineers, managers, educators, suppliers and contractors. It is dedicated to advancing new developments in the treatment, use and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes. 

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New at our Booth 504/506:
  • Experience our new PURATE™ Technology in Virtual Reality! Take a virtual look at our smaller generator of our PURATE Technology, on-site chlorine dioxide generation fit for small, remote water systems.
  • Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitor, 3DT397, the new gold standard. Learn more here!
  • OMNI - redefining cooling water management by giving chemical and power producers unparalleled, real-time insight into their operation’s most critical heat exchangers and condensers. Predict performance, prolong asset life, reduce downtime and increase production runs.
  • Produced water cooler fouling - learn about our latest developments and what's to come in 2019. Download the newest case histories here.


Monday, November 5: 

Jasbir Gill - IWC 18-02: New No P Scale Inhibitor for Inhibiting Scale under Highly Demanding Conditions Such as Sea Water cooling and Thermal Desalination

Tuesday, November 6: 

Dan Cicero – IWC 18-31: Experience Using a Film-Forming Corrosion Inhibitor at RWE Generation UK’s Staythorpe Power Station

Wednesday, November 7: 

Andrew Xie - IWC 18-62: A Novel, Better Performing Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitor with Lower Toxicity and its Use for Copper Alloy Condenser at a Power Plant