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BOILER WATER BASICS - Understanding & Optimizing your Boiler Feedwater System

LOCATION: Spokane Arena | Spokane, WA 99201

This training seminar will provide you the basic foundation to help you run a safe, reliable, and cost effective boiler feedwater system. This training will cover boiler system mechanical and operational basics including pretreatment equipment, as well as water quality and chemical treatment topics. The topics and chemicals discussed will NOT be Nalco Water specific so you will benefit regardless of your water treatment provider.

FPO 550x310

Key Topics and Deliverables

In addition to Nalco Water, Nick Westerberg, President of Westerberg & Associates, will present on troubleshooting, optimization and lessons learned on boiler feedwater systems. Nick is a motivational speaker and author of Doc's Steam Journal and Doc's Pump Journal.

In addition to Nalco Water, Derek Rows, Service Technician & Trainer for Cole Industrial, will present on preventative maintenance of feedwater systems. Cole Industrial is a dominant resource in the Pacific Northwest for new and used boilers, boiler room equipment, service, support and training. Cole Industrial has been the exclusive manufactures representative for the industry leader, Cleaver-Brooks, since its inception.

13 Professional Development Hours will be made available; certificates will be given at the end of the seminar.


Spokane Arena
720 West Mallon Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201