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2019 Wastewater Training

LOCATION: McMenamin’s Kennedy School | Portland, OR

This training seminar will provide the basic foundation to help you run a cost effective wastewater program. The topics and chemicals discussed will NOT be Nalco Water specific so you will benefit regardless of your chemical treatment provider. 

FPO 550x310

Topics Include

  • Plant schematic

  • Pretreatment

  • Primary

  • Secondary

  • Sludge dewatering 

Pretreatment Basics

  • Equalization

  • Screens

  • Mixing

  • BOD Reduction

 Liquid Solids Separation

  • Clarifiers

  • DAFs

Sludge Dewatering

  • Types of devices

  • How they function

  • Sludge conditioning

  • Handling/pumping

Control basics

  • pH adjust fundamentals and importance

  • Chemical

  • Tests-types and meaning


  • Animal Feed certification

  • Sludge Disposal options

Troubleshooting, Discussion, Questions

  • Calculations

  • Dosage checks 


McMenamin’s Kennedy School
5736 NE 33rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97211