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3rd Annual Aluminum Casting Seminar


LOCATION: Nalco Water University | 1601 W. Diehl Rd. | Naperville, Illinois 60563

With over a dozen water treatment related topics, you will not want to miss this comprehensive seminar hosted in the Nalco Water campus Water University. 

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Seminar Topics

Water University Tour and Customer Experience Center
A unique, high tech learning environment, dedicated to developing expertise of our customers and educating the market on technologies and solutions designed to manage one of the most critical underappreciated resource of our times.

Impact of Water on Aluminum Casting Equipment - WAGSTAFF
Wagstaff, a leading aluminum mold manufacturer, will present on the impact of water on aluminum casting equipment both from a casting process and a mold maintenance perspective.

Basic Water Chemistry
Discussion on fundamentals of water chemistry, critical parameters and terminology that will set the foundation for presentations throughout the seminar and help answer the question – Why do we need to treat water?

Water Treatment Strategies - Corrosion, Scale, Fouling and Microbiological Control
Deep dive into the influence of Corrosion, Scale, Fouling and Microbiological growth and their impact on production and reliability of critical assets. The session will also discuss strategies managing these factors through Mechanical, Operational and Chemical (MOC) means.

Casting, Quench and Chemistry
Technical discussion of casting practice, introduction to Quench theory and impact of water quality parameters on casting capability.

Fundamentals of Solid/Liquid Separation for Process and Wastewater Treatment Applications
Presentation on the concepts of coagulation and flocculation as it relates to the clarification of process and wastewater treatment. The concepts of solid/liquid separation by sedimentation, flotation, and filtration are discussed with a live demonstration of water clarification.

Process and Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Operations
Presentation on solid/liquid separation by sedimentation equipment and operations. Oil removal and filtration for wastewater treatment is discussed.

Town Hall for Optimizing an Aluminum Plant Cooling Program
In this session you will gain insight to the development of Optimized cooling water programs and join an interactive session hosted by a Nalco Water Scientist and Water Treatment Experts to explore the unique challenges of contact Casting Cooling water with the opportunity to ask questions in a dynamic setting.

R&D Facilities Tour
The Naperville campus is Nalco Water's primary research and development site. The laboratories will be on display including the Pilot Cooling Tower, SEM lab as well as the world-class analytical capabilities that help solve the most challenging technical support issues.

Quench Simulation Apparatus and NALQUENCH
Nalco Water’s new Quench Simulation Apparatus models the effect of quench in a casting process allowing for optimization of direct chill water systems. Modelling of the phase transitions along with impact of new chemistries will be discussed. The impact and benefit of the NALQUENCH program in systems with variability will also be discussed.

Water Safety - Legionella
Basic overview of legionella facts, the market events that led to the creation of ASHRAE Standard 188, and the move towards the convergence of a “health-based” treatment strategy versus historically a “performance-based” treatment strategy.

Materials Selection and Corrosion Prevention
Discussion factors that influence corrosion of aluminum with hands-on experience to help troubleshoot corrosion issues. understanding on issues with alloy type and fabrication, the influence of dissimilar metals on galvanic corrosion and water chemistry.

New Technologies – Chemistry and Automation solutions
This session will focus on new chemistry solutions such as new yellow metal corrosion inhibitor and a safer way to generate chlorine dioxide. These latest developments could be classified as breakthrough technologies that will have huge impact on the casting practice.

Digital Transformation – How is it affecting everyone?
This session will focus on how the pace of digital solutions is impacting not only consumers but also all businesses. The 4th industrial revolution is quite different from than the three that proceeded it. Are we ready?

Water Treatment Best Practices
A review of the best water treatment application strategies for the protection of plant assets. The focus will be on how treatment programs are properly applied and managed to ensure best performance of your process.


Nalco Water University
1601 W. Diehl Rd.
Naperville, Illinois 60563