Membrane, Resin and Media Services

With Nalco Water's Membrane Solutions Group, you have the dedication, commitment, and passion of Nalco Water's leading engineers, scientists, and experts. So you get new insights. Cutting-edge research. Advanced membrane technologies. Foresight. Vision. That means you're positioning your organization for long-term savings and success. The Nalco Water Membrane Solutions Group supports Nalco Water sales engineers and industry experts, granting our customers access to world-class products, services, and equipment for enhancing membrane performance.

Membrane Services Overview

Thousands of industrial and municipal membrane installations have trusted us. 

  • We take a holistic approach, understanding the role of your membrane installation in your overall operation. We combine this insight with our extensive experience and expertise in both industrial and municipal water treatment. Finally, we apply our deep, specialized knowledge of membrane technology to provide you with the best possible solution. 
  • We have provided help and assistance to thousands of membrane installations. 
  • We offer dedicated R&D staff that can help enhance your membrane performance and provide a technical service team with membrane specialists. 
  • We have experience in membrane treatment reaching back to the 1970s when membrane technology first came on the industrial market.

Regardless of your organization's size, budget, or volume requirements, we can bring your plant the savings you need and expect. Our clients range from small RO operations to some of the largest membrane installations in the world. With a global presence and comprehensive supporting network of supply chain facilities and research, we're able to offer a consistently high level of service to all customers-whether local, regional or multinational.

As part of Nalco Water, the world's largest water and process treatment provider, the Nalco Water Membrane Solutions Group is supported by Nalco Water's 75-year track record and more than 10,000 employees operating in 130 countries across six continents.