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Ecolab Donates $10,000 Of Products To Aid Eastern Turkey

November 16, 2011

On Sunday, Oct. 23, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit eastern Turkey’s Van province. Numerous aftershocks, the largest a magnitude 5.6, destroyed more of eastern Turkey, one of the nation’s poorest areas. More than 2,300 emergency personnel rushed to the region. A crisis center was set up in the Turkish capital of Ankara, located about 1,300 km (807 miles) away from Van.

Ecolab’s facility is located in Istanbul, far from where the earthquake took place. Halit Kayaturk, vice president and general manager of Eastern Europe, immediately confirmed that all associates and Ecolab customers are safe following the quake, and then began working to send aid to the affected areas.

The Turkish Red Crescent, the country’s largest humanitarian organization, has been working to assist survivors and reach people trapped in the rubble. To help the volunteers and the quake survivors, Ecolab donated $10,000 worth of Healthcare products to this organization. Relief crews have distributed 40,721 tents – including 6,088 from abroad – and 159,360 blankets to survivors, authorities said. A total of 1,309 aftershock quakes have occurred since the larger earthquake.

As of Nov. 1, 600 people were confirmed dead from this massive quake. Crews were able to pull at least 231 survivors from the rubble, despite temperatures dropping close to freezing at night. At least 4,100 people were injured and more than 2,200 building lie in ruins, according to CNN.

Turkey’s government presented a new law to parliament which would see the evacuation of settlements in areas at high risk of natural disaster.

Another magnitude-5.6 earthquake hit eastern Turkey on Nov. 9. A total of 25 buildings collapsed, but 22 had been empty since the previous earthquake in October. According to CNN, 22 people were confirmed dead as of Nov. 11.


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