Ecolab Media Coverage | The Verge: Facebook's Libra won't be as power-hungry as Bitcoin

Ecolab's Emilio Tenuta discusses how reducing water use can help improve efficiency and sustainability

July 21, 2019

Social-networking giant Facebook has plans to launch its own virtual currency, Libra, and is promising to make it more sustainable than existing virtual currencies. In an article for the technology news site The Verge, writer Mary Beth Griggs asked Ecolab’s sustainability leader Emilio Tenuta how that can be achieved.

An important part of the solution is using less water, said Tenuta. Libra will need processing power delivered by data centers and most of the time, those centers are cooled with water. Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR™ technology can help data centers reduce water usage and make their cooling systems more efficient. This lowers the amount of energy needed as well as the related greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the article here, or learn more about Ecolab’s work with data centers for Microsoft and SAP.    


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