Ecolab Media Coverage | Hotel Business: Smart Water Management is Good Business

Ecolab's Emilio Tenuta discusses why smart water management is critical to hospitality industry growth

October 22, 2019

In 2018, the hospitality industry generated more than 10% of the global economy. As the world’s middle-class continues to grow, the hospitality and travel industry is expected to expand as well. At the same time, our world’s supply of freshwater isn’t growing. This poses a challenge for the hospitality industry, particularly in popular tourist destinations that are already water-stressed.

Ecolab’s Emilio Tenuta, vice president of sustainability, spoke with Hotel Business about the importance of smart water management to enabling both brand and industry growth.

Read the article here and learn more about Ecolab’s tools that support smart water management, including the Smart Water Navigator and the Water Risk Monetizer.

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