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OptiPro™ Single Solid Neutral Enzymatic Detergent

Neutral Enzymatic Instrument Detergent formulated to dissolve and digest proteinaceous and other organic matter.

*Not a medical instrument sterilant or high level disinfectant.

Product Details

Easy to Use

  • One sku instead of two for simplified inventory management
  • Color and shape coded blocks to help avoid chemical errors
  • Lightweight blocks are easy to store, transport and load
Impressive Performance
  • Innovative new solid-formula technology for extraordinary results in washer-disinfectors
  • Low foaming to help keep machines running at optimal performance
  • Controls scale formation to help increase efficiency of detergents and extend equipment life
Sustainability Advantage
  • Reduced packaging to help minimize waste
  • Reduced product weight and size to help decrease transportation and storage costs
  • Phosphate free formula to help reduce environmental impact

*OptiPro™ Single Solid Neutral Enzymatic Detergent is neutral at use dilution

Product Size Part Number

2-2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)


Central Sterile Program

The Ecolab Central Sterile Program takes a comprehensive and outcome-driven approach and leverages a partnership scheme, with our world-class service and expertise in instrument reprocessing, to personally deliver distinctive, lasting, and substantial outcomes for today’s most sophisticated Central Sterile Departments and help fulfill their missions in safe and clean care.