Ecolab dishwasher temperature labels on the panel of a stainless-steel dishwashing machine.

Disposable Thermometers

Disposable Thermometers aid in ensuring that your staff adheres to FDA and CFIA food regulations while washing dishes and preparing meals. Whether you are searching for disposable T-Stick Temperature Sensors to measure temperatures, Dishwasher Temp Labels to verify dishmachine water temperatures, or reusable Disposable Thermometers to accurately assess that food has reached safe-cooking temperatures, we have an assortment of temperature gauges to choose from.

Dishwasher Thermometers, T-Stick Temperature Sensors and Dishwasher Test Strips

No matter what style of disposable thermometer you need for food safety, Ecolab has a single-use or reusable disposable thermometer to meet your needs.  
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