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Emulsion Viscosity Reducers Offshore

Emulsion Viscosity Reducers

The goal of all oil producers is to produce more oil more efficiently from their reservoirs. The Nalco Champion emulsion viscosity reducer (EVR) technology improves the flow of viscous emulsions through phase separation, driving value and profitability for oil producers. It's a field-proven solution, providing a simple, cost-effective means to increase production without a CAPEX investment.

increased production through emulsion viscosity reducers

The Nalco Champion EVR program combines the ability to select suitable wells and a suitable chemical treatment, leading to additional production revenue and a significant return on investment for operators.

Injected downhole by gas lift of capillary strings, EVRs will act on contact with fluids to prevent emulsion formation or remove already formed emulsion. The benefits impact Operations Managers, Production Engineers and Process Engineers, resulting in an overall increase in the oil production from a field.

Produce more oil, more efficiently

Watch the EVR video to learn more.